Days 14 – 17: Easter 2020

This year, Pickles is choosing activities from an Easter tree. (Pictures of craft ideas and games, pegged to a tree.)

Activity 1: Pom Pom Bunny

This activity was inspired by FAB ART DIY.

Pickles gets herself in a bit of a tangle when it comes to winding yarn around pom pom circles so we’ve adapted their instructions for a Pickle friendlier method.

Activity 2: Nature Eggs

Right Brained Mom posted a lovely photo of an egg created from beautiful natural parts: leaves, sticks, berries and moss. We decided to use PVA glue to stick our collections to cardboard cut outs. A lovely family activity to do after a busy day in the garden.

Activity 3: Easter Egg Hunt

The very best part of Easter: searching our favourite forest for chocolate eggs.

Activity 4: Egg Painting

We used ready mixed paint. I wasn’t brave enough to embrace the potential carnage that would result from a 4 year old, an egg and acrylic paint! It takes a bit of patience but it works. You can add in details with a sharpie once the paint dries.

Pickle’s pond egg won our decorating competition

Activity 5: White Crayon and Watercolour Easter Egg Paintings

I saved the packaging from last year’s Easter eggs and used that as a stencil. Draw the shape and details of the egg then wash with watercolour paints.

Activity 6: Hatching Egg Pegs

Little ones will need a bit of advice with this one. It takes a little bit of care to get the proportions right – too big and your chick won’t fit between the peg ‘mouth’ and too small and the chick is tricky to attach. Hot glue gun needed to attach the chick and cracked egg to the peg.

Activity 7: Potato Printing

A friend showed me a little trick – after slicing the potato in half, lay them on them sliced side down and cut two thin chips out of each half (about a third of the way up each side) to create a handle.

Using a brush to apply the paint creates a more colourful and neater print with less mess! Pickles quickly looses interest when the painty tatey becomes to slippery to control.

Activity 8: Rice Crispy Nests

Melt the chocolate (I use a glass bowl for the chocolate over a pan of boiling water). Add the rice crispies. Stir. If all the crispies are covered, add more until your chocolate is becoming thinner. Decorate with chocolate eggs and refrigerate. Attempt to limit consumption to less than 5 a day per small person.

Activity 9: Salt Painting

Personally I find salt painting trickier than it looks. We use a small squeezy paint bottle to thinly apply the glue, immediately shake on the salt then leave it to dry for 5 minutes. Shake off the excess salt and you’re ready to start applying the watercolour paints.

Anything to stop the spread of the glue helps so next time we will try using card rather than thin paper.

Pickles quietly concentrated on her artwork. She’s really proud of her beautiful picture.

Activity 10: Sock Bunny

Another bunny to add to the collection! This time Pickles poured dried rice into an old (clean) sock. We tied the top (just below the ankle) with twine. Then tied more twine to create a head, followed by a pretty ribbon. The ears were cut with fabric scissors. Finally, we used a glue gun to add a pom pom tail and beads for eyes and a nose! Just follow this simple video by Handimania.

Activity 11: Easter Games

Pickles loves a race! First we played an egg and spoon race. Walk with the egg and spoon to your nest and race back to collect another egg. Next we played a similar game with balloons – bounce with the balloon egg between your knees to your nest and ‘lay’ you egg.

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